Wecome to an exploration of a grumpy but sometimes merry retiree’s obsessive wine thoughts. This blog may help me organise my tasting thoughts into some sort of order and if I’m lucky share the love of the fascinating grapey liquid with other wine nuts.

At best scoring seems to perhaps gain some objectivity within what is normally subjective, or at best shared, enjoyment. If I struggle to finish a bottle or worse a glass, then I really struggle to write something positive. If you can’t say something nice mantra… Thus the scores look like a polite 90 to 95 most of the time. Well, not entirely the intent as all the bottles posted I’ve really liked. 96 and over should be for those special rare ones when the stars come out.

I also really, mean really, enjoy putting together a wine list suited to cost, food and sense of place. Please do say hello especially if you’re in Melbourne and would like to be bored to sobs.