2016 Tenute Rubino Oltremé Salento Susumaniello

After really enjoying Vallone’s Susu, perche no another? This is modern, fresh and just the right weight, no too ripe not too fresh. No rustico here. Bright red cherry runs deep and long without bombast. The effortless first touch of Andrea Pirlo and a perfectly weighted palate sends this to a plate of pasta. Not sure how something with such simple self assurance but no little depth got Tre Bicchieri. It’s not oaky or built for keeping but has lovely even ripeness and the fine acid mingles well with the finest grade sandpaper tannins. A bit of nut and dried fruit skin says Salento. Wish my football team played with such composure.

13% alcohol. Diam again! 10 euros from the treasure trove of Enoteca Wine and More in Lecce.

93 punti.

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Everyday events struggle to share space with wine thoughts in an ever shrinking brain.

2 thoughts on “2016 Tenute Rubino Oltremé Salento Susumaniello”

  1. Mr Ian D’Agata says Susamaniello has the dna profile of a cross between Garganega and Uva Sogra.
    The name is something to do with “loading up the donkey”. Nice to see tre bicchieri for this kind of thing. Cheers Chris


    1. Chiz Chris! First ever comment and another Ital variety of which I’m ignorant. Seems Uva Sacra may not exist anymore, only as a long lost ancestor. So much for Sangiovese being a relation.


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