2018 Bodegas Borsao Tres Lagunas Garnacha

May have to change the blog’s name to the Grenache Chronicles. Another from the Campo de Borja and one of the wine world’s great value producers. Just medium weight, all the rose and musk of Grenache and truck loads of sweet cherry fruit and smoky rocks. Quite pretty for the Campo, reminds me of one of those new wave Barossa Grenache but with just a bit more of that savoury cut typical of the Spaniard version. Sparkling fresh acidity. Such a reliable producer, very clean, modern in making but still full of character. Hung on well over three days. Still making a claim for the best value producer with a heritage.

14.5%. Screw cap. 555 gms of glass. $19 direct import from Woolworths.

92 points.

The 2019 has been on a descending price special at Dan’s for some time, finally ending up at $4.80 a bottle! It looked savoury and needed air a year ago, now it’s filthy with sulphides. If you feel like risking a bottle, a bit of mucking about made mine drinkable. Find a big jug, decant the whole bottle with vigour. Drop a copper coin or something made of brass, cleaned well of course, into the jug, stir well and wait an hour or two. Seems to clean things up enough to find some good fruit lurking. It’s 80 points before, 88 after. Not bad for the price of a Melbourne coffee.

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