2019 The Story Port Campbell Sauvignon Blanc

It had to happen eventually. I’ve managed to avoid drinking, let alone buying, anything Sauvignon Blanc for a very long time. The Story offered some mysterious dozens for $150 a while ago. Two bottles of this were included among the usual red favourites. Oh well, warm evenings with friends who aren’t quite as horribly fussy or even tolerate pungent SB would be a chance to rid myself of such vinous horror. Or so I thought. Finally opened one a while ago for a lovely neighbour whose only fault would appear to be actually buying and drinking the smelly stuff. Always willing to taste to just confirm my bias and goodness, it was delicious. So, the second bottle over a couple of locked down days and it would put many a vaunted white Bordeaux to shame. Sweet core of green herby things and fruit like gooseberry, you can feel the spring sap rising. All wrapped up in honeyed apricot perfumed with something like elderflower in an English hedgerow. A real density of quality grapes. A touch of caramel oak and oxidative making lift the end. Cream textured glide and mouth pleasing acidity beg another sip. Only 880 bottles it seems. Glad to have had two. Rule one of wine, never assume. What next, Australian Pinot Gris or Viognier?

13.5% alcohol. Screw cap. $30 RRP and a bargain at that. Part of the mixed mystery case and a steal.

93 points but 94 would be reasonable.

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