2020 Guillaume Gonnet Le Petit Reveur Côtes du Rhône

It seems the most read posts here are for budget friendly direct imports from the empire of Dan’s and the odd Aldi surprise. I try and make the pilgrimage to the old Alphington barn of Dan once a month for a six or so buy in an attempt to even out the budget. It’s a shame the recently opened and more local Collingwood version is so woefully stocked. As there’s always an odd compulsion to taste the unknown, the selection veers towards the new and possibly interesting. This month I managed to find seven untried bottles from Spain, France and Italy for a meagre $132. Third from right in the above line up and it’s 85% Grenache with the rest Syrah. This little dreamer hoped Le Petit Reveur wouldn’t turn into a nightmare. It didn’t. Initially jammy ripe with cherry, plum and Mediterranean scrubby flavours, it changed up a gear with a day’s air. The ripeness still as much as you’d want but the fruit’s deeper, kirsch and chocolate, spiced and carried on cocoa tannin, all trimmed with a good swish of satisfying ripe acidity. A special mention for how clean and tasty. Definitely think it’s at its best now. Time will only make things more dull and gummy maybe. Nonetheless, another one wouldn’t be a chore and you can’t say that about all my recent choices.

14% alcohol. Screw cap. $19.00

90 value points.

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2 thoughts on “2020 Guillaume Gonnet Le Petit Reveur Côtes du Rhône”

  1. The variation between Dan’s shelves are a PhD in themselves… Thomastown and Polaris Bundoora have the best clearance bargains but Alphington has the most interesting mix of bottles. Collingwood is a very middle of the range Dans! Good to see your reviews coming through again, especially those targeting the imported vino bargains. Looking forward to your assessment of the current vintage D’Angles.


    1. You’re brave going so far north. Two reviews of a Frappato from Sicily and a Mencia next up. Better get to it. Cheers A


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