2019 Wynns Coonawarra Estate Siding Cabernet Sauvignon

Thank goodness for Winefront. An Australian Cabernet for $12.95 would not normally rate high on the scale of potential buys but a good review and a discount at Dan Murphy’s which makes a mockery of the letters RRP and why not? Proper savoury and tart fruited Cabernet here. Opens a bit sweaty, clears to earth and gravel, black olive and iodine, leaf and tart red berries. Almost that come hither savoury invitation of dare you say, Bordeaux. Over three days it looks far more Australian, particularly Coonawarra as scents of minty Australian shrubbery and that distinct smoky salinity emerge. Shouldering their way through the savoury are just ripe red fruit and hints of black currant. Good even brush of ripe acid and sandy tannin. Yet more evidence of Wynns producing large amounts of commercially important wine that still resonate place and season. Might just have to upgrade to a bottle of the 2019 Black Label which would be the 34th vintage to find its way into my glass. Creak.

13.6% alcohol. Screw cap. $12.95.

91 points for me, 92 for the more accurate Winefront.

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4 thoughts on “2019 Wynns Coonawarra Estate Siding Cabernet Sauvignon”

  1. Wynns Reframed Cabernet Sauvignon-Cabernet Franc blend is also worth a whirl – $20 on special at Liquorland. I haven’t tried the 2019 Black Label – just wondering what state of mind and body I’ll be in when it’s at it’s best!


    1. Bit frightened by the psychedelic label but fond of Franc. I’m hoping the TWE friends site has a sale and I can include one. Their site is Cellardoor.co. I haven’t spent enough to be able to offer an invite. If it becomes available, I could email you an invitation if you like?


      1. That’d be great! I frequent far too many wine retailers online and off, but one more couldn’t hurt…. There’s so much interesting stuff about but it’s not all in the one spot. Once upon a time I had a decent relationship with a couple of independent outlets and no more, it was a good way to purchase and drink wine.

        I tried the 2021 edition of The Siding over the weekend. Amazing value at $11 on special. Your description of the 2019 rings true for the current release and it was at its best on day 2 and 3.


      2. Hi Matthew, I still haven’t spent enough with TWE on line to invite but I have sent invites for the two sites I can at the moment. One is The Sippery which is the Oates family distribution thing. Oakridge and a few good producers. I get a credit if you order anything but there’s not much hugely discounted at the moment. The Abbotts and Delanauy Syrah is good value. Also an invite to Cellar One which is Accolade. Never been tempted myself but there’s sometimes discounted Arras which does appeal. The other friends and trade account I do like which sadly isn’t open for invites is Finewineco.com.au which is basically the Valmorbida family’s wholesale distribution company, Red+White and Mezzanine. If it becomes available, I’ll put you on the list. Really good prices on Italians like Vietti, Einaudi and Trediberri. Hope the two above help the budget. There were some incredible discounts in the early days of Covid. Now demand is outstripping supply chains, less likely. Cheers, Andrew.


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